Engineered Wooden Flooring

Engineered wood flooring combines multiple layers of timber with a solid wooden top layer. This class of flooring offers the unique qualities of a solid wooden floor at a fraction of the price. The wide range of finishes offers a vast, flexible colour choice, stretching from contemporary rustic oaks to the more classical herringbone parquet.

This flooring is universally considered the best option for areas with underfloor heating and high humidity levels. The softwood multi-ply base allows for quick adaptability to surrounding moisture and temperature changes. The solid wooden top layer offers the wide range of styles and finishes. With a thickness of 3.5>6mm this gives customers the opportunity to sand and reinvent the top layer in years to come.

Simple and easy tongue and groove fitting, boards can be fitted together on top of underlay or alternatively can be glued dircetly to the screed. We recommend glueing directly to the screed in areas with underfloor heating, reducing the need for any barriers and maximising the passage of heat – check out our flexible wooden floor adhesive (Adesiv WB Mono MS). Alternatively gluing the joints and laying the floor down on top of underlay is a more cost efficient and easier method of fitting – Poliplex joint glue + Underlay.

Why not check out the colour altering stains available, with samples in store showing the variety of options!!!

Herringbone Parquet Engineered Flooring.

Herringbone parquet has been a major part of the flooring market for many years, but the main difficulty for most people was the fitting and finishing of the floor. The engineered herringbone offers an easier option, the prefinished boards cuts out the cost and time of having to sand + seal the floor after fitting.

Check out our range of herringbone engineered flooring with even more colours available to order!


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